Pine View Tea Room

The Miho Museum’s Pine View Tea Room uses ingredients
produced by the Shumei Natural Agriculture approach,
free of any additives such as fertilizers and agrochemicals.

Hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Last order: 4:30 pm

Spend the Day With Beauty
Take a relaxing break in this airy, spacious tea room with a clear view of the sky.

All ingredients are carefully produced using the purest approach. This concept of utilizing the purest approach is applied to areas ranging from the Shumei Natural Agriculture fields used to grow wheat, adzuki beans, other grains and vegetables, to the producers of sugar, butter and coffee, to the Miho Museum’s own confectionery kitchen.

Shumei Natural Agriculture Special Condiments (in Japanese)

Orange Juice

Fresh oranges are skinned, freshly pressed and carefully strained. This juice is made without adding sugar. Enjoy the flavor of the oranges as nature made them.


Enjoy the variety of textures in this combination of carefully cooked sweet dainagon adzuki beans, anten cubes trapping faintly sweet spring water within them, shiratama rice balls, and chewy gyuhi cubes.

Vanilla Ice Cream

This Miho-made vanilla ice cream is made  with vanilla beans from Madagascar.


Roll Cake with Seasonal Fruit

Fruit grown by the Shumei Natural Agricultural method is rolled in a moist cake sponge made simply with flour, sugar, and eggs.

Note that menu items may change according to the season or the availability of ingredients.

“Delicious Is Beautiful”