Permanent Exhibit

September 3 - December 11

"Ancient Art Collection of Miho Museum"


Exhibition Term
September 3, 2022 - December 11, 2022
Open Hours
10:00 am to 5:00 pm (last entry: 4:00 pm)
Closed Days
Every Monday (or next business day if Monday is a national holiday)
Admission Fees
[Adults] 1,300 yen [High school/university students] 1,000 yen [Elementary/junior high school students] Free
South Wing
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Exhibition Highlights

Cult Figure of a Falcon-headed Deity
Egypt 1295 - 1213 B.C.

Statue of Goddess
Egypt about 270 - 246 B.C.

Winged, Human-headed Genius and Royal Attendant
Assyrian 883-859 B.C.

Rhyton with the Protome of a Desert Lynx Catching a Fowl
Late 2nd-1st century B.C.

Bowl with Gold Appliques
Achaemenid 6th century B.C.

Standing Buddha
Gandhara Second half of the 2nd century A.D.

Fresco Panels Depicting a Garden
Roman 1st century

Floor Mosaic Depicting Dionysos's Discovery of Ariadne on Naxos
Roman, probably from Syria 3rd to 4th century

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"Ancient Art Collection of Miho Museum"

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