GRANDAMA, the Spiritual Wine

Liquid Art

GRANDAMA means ‘Great Woman’ in Italian.
This wine was given the name, “GRANDAMA’ in honor of the founder of the Miho Museum, Mihoko Koyama, on her centennial birthday.
‘I want to promote world peace and make people happy through art’.
Made by mother earth and the unfaltering devotion of the prestigious vintners, the wine GRANDAMA – Arte della Luce (The Art of Light) symbolizes the hope and dreams of Mihoko Koyama.

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‘GRANDAMA, made by Sacrafamilia, is the kind of wine that takes our breath away and opens new horizons’Excerpt from ‘1001 Wines to Drink at Least Once in a Lifetime’ – Francesca Negri

A spiritual wine that transcends our perception of wine

Crystals, which seek beauty

Founded in 2008, Sacrafamilia is a vineyard in Godiasco, in northern Italy.
The Sacrafamilia makes ‘no compromises to produce wine of the highest quality’


自然尊重を根本理念とする秀明自然農法では、一切の農薬・肥料・添加物を使用しません。MIHO MUSEUMに来館し、小山の願いが込められた美術品とそこで提供される秀明自然農法の食材に宿る「純度の高さ」を心の奥に感じとったアンナとミンモは、さらなる高みを求めて天然硫黄を使うことさえも止め、秀明自然農法によるワインづくりを決意しました。



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Crystals of GRANDAMA

The Vision Lab in Zurich performed a crystallization analysis of the 2008 production of GRANDAMA using Spagyric Advanced Technology (SAT). The results revealed GRANDAMA 2008 is extremely high in bio-energetic value and quality. It can be described as an artistic creation by mysterious nature. Analysis also showed an exceptionally powerful life-force emitting from GRANDAMA. It is very unusual to see this in a liquid.

Arte della Luce- The Art of Light

GRANDAMA is incomprehensible with our fundamental knowledge and experience of conventional wine.

  • GRANDAMA (Great Woman)
  • GRANRE (Great King)
  • GRANSOL (Great Sun)

*From the front

Grandama wine is served in the Pine View Tearoom
It is also available for purchase at the Reception Pavilion

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Miho’s Spiritual Wine and Conventional Wine

Miho Spiritual Wine Conventional Wine
Fertilizers Agro-chemicals Absolutely no fertilizers or agro-chemicals are used. Fertilizers, insecticide, germicide are used.
Harvesting Period Sept.–Oct., when grapes are fully ripened and have reached the epitome of flavor and aromatic sweetness. Aug.-Sept. to ensure minimum loss due to pest infestation and heavy rain.
Harvesting Method Hand-picked, the grapes are examined one by one to determine ripeness.
Further sorting takes place before crushing and fermentation.
Hand-picked without inspection.
Yeast Yeast is derived from honey produced by the bees, whose hives are in the vineyard. Synthetic cultured yeast is added.
Antioxidants No addictives. A small amount of Sulfur Dioxide is detected from the forming of the yeast during the fermentation process. Antioxidant is added.
Fining Grapes from Mother Nature have already given the wine a full and rounded flavor. Various addictives are added in order to achieve a balanced flavor and tartness.